Video Game Streaming and the End of Consoles
How To Pick Out The Best Video Game System

Video Game Streaming and the End of Consoles

Console gaming has had a hard time staying relevant with the emergence of mobile gaming. They’re still profitable because hardcore gamers stayed loyal to their consoles which are the only machines powerful enough to deliver the kind of in-depth gaming experience that they demand. But that may soon change with the latest addition to the gaming market; video game streaming.

The Next Revolution in Gaming

Console manufacturers typically give their consoles lifetimes of seven years however that is at odds with the two-year upgrade cycles of other hardware platforms. This life-cycle is such a vital part of the console business model but they may have no choice but to drop it in favor of streaming for the next generation.

With the current generation, the quickest way to play a video game on a console is to download and install it. The three major video game consoles, the Wii, the PlayStation and the Xbox, all have online stores that allow gamers to download titles directly to their consoles. The only problem is that most titles are about a dozen gigabytes so they take hours, or even days to download and they take massive amounts of space on hard drives.

Netflix, HBO Go and Hulu revolutionized the movie and television industries when they offered direct streaming options. Their services allow users to watch their favorite shows instantly without having to worry about how much memory they chew up or piling up massive stacks of DVDs. This revolution all but killed off DVD players.

And now the gaming industry is heading in the same direction. Nvidia and Sony are aiming to make the next generation of consoles tiny devices that stream gameplay to your television. The idea is that rather than having a massive console in your living room that demands to be fed discs or downloaded content, the micro-console streams games from a cloud as they are played.

How Video-Game Streaming Works

The new consoles will work in a similar fashion to Netfix. The game is actually played on a powerful server based in a warehouse somewhere far away and the video is streamed to the console. Players mash buttons on their controllers and the signal is sent back to the server where it is processed and the result is streamed back to the players’ screens.

The leading micro-console in the market is Nvidia’s gaming service called Shield. It only offers old titles at present however Sony have released their own version called PlayStation Now, retailing at $99, which also boasts a selection of last-generation titles.

The only thing keeping cloud gaming from taking over completely is lag. Nothing kills the gaming experience quite like having to wait fractions of a second longer for button inputs to respond. In some games, those fractions of a second are all that it takes to get shot in the face. The lag is brought about the added time that it takes for a command to be beamed up to the cloud, processed, then sent back down to the console. The effects of lag can be minimized with a solid internet connection. Video-game steaming providers suggest a minimum of 2Mb/s connections and 5Mb/s for HD gaming.

Hold on to Your Consoles for Now

Cloud-based gaming is an exciting concept. Gamers will love the freedom that it offers however we can expect that the traditional console producers will do their best to delay the emergence of cloud gaming for as long as they can. Their current model is simply too profitable for them to just let it go too. If you include the amount of work that has to be done on reducing the lag times and how most homes do not have the internet speeds required to play A-list titles in HD, it may be a while before video-game streaming becomes the norm.

How To Pick Out The Best Video Game System

Purchasing a video game system is a costly investment, and thus you need to pick out one that best suits your preferences. But while there is a wide array of video game systems on the market nowadays, picking out the best video game system can be a tricky endeavor particularly if you don’t know much about video game systems.

But that notwithstanding, you can still choose the best system that perfectly suits your preferences provided you are conversant with the basics of choosing the best video game system. Here are a couple of tips on how to pick out the best video game system that will help you get started with choosing the best system.

1. What kind of video games would you like to play?

This is definitely one of the most important decisions that you will be required to make when choosing a video game system. This is simply because even if you purchase a brilliant system yet you don’t like the kind of video games it offers, then it means that the system will be of no use to you. After all, all video game systems aren’t created equally. Different video game systems offer different types of video games. As such, it is imperative you figure out the kind of games that you would like to play even before you set out to purchase a video game system. Once you have decided on the games of your choice, you can then start searching for a system that offers the kind of video games that you are interested in.

2. Decide on the amount of money you will spend on a video game system

Video game systems are sold at different prices. That is why you need to consider your budget when choosing a video game system. Thereafter, you can start searching for the system that is sold within the price range of your budget. However, refrain from purchasing a cheap system just for the sake of saving money. Nearly all the cheapest video game systems are known to be of poor quality and hence they may not meet your preferences. You should always strive to get a high quality video game system even when you are operating on a budget.

3. Do your homework

Do a quick research on some of the best video game systems that offer the kind of games that you are interested in. Come up with a list of suitable systems and then research on each system individually so as to know its features and the kind of games it has in store for you. In addition, you should read through the reviews of each system to find out more on what other users who have previously bought the system have to say about it. Thereafter, you can evaluate which system is best suited to meet your preferences.

4. Buy from a reputable manufacturer

Reputable manufacturers are known to produce high quality video game systems. In fact, chances are high that the video game system that you will purchase from a reputable manufacturer will most likely meet your preferences. As such, shop your system from a reputable manufacturer with a well known track record of producing high quality video game systems.

Picking out the best video game system that suits your preferences can be less of a task provided you know what it takes to pick out the best system. With these tips for picking out the best video game system now on your fingertips, chances are high that you will choose a video game system that will perfectly meet your personal preferences.