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Ways to Be a Healthy Gamer
Future of Gaming – Virtual Reality and Other Trends
Online Video Game Rental – The Pros and Cons
Top 5 Tips on How to Buy Cheap Video Games
Video Game Streaming and the End of Consoles

Ways to Be a Healthy Gamer

We all agree with the old saying that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Don’t we?” For many people, gaming is a source of attraction and obsession. If gaming is fun for you and you crave to satisfy that need continuously, you must also put your health in consideration. Many gamers do not practice healthy habits and they end up being overweight and lazy. However, this article is going to outline some points that will help you as a gamer to stay healthy.

Ways to be a healthy gamer

1. Look after your body

First of all, taking care of your body will make you remain a healthy gamer. Don’t allow your passion for gaming throw you off schedule. People tend to develop a habit of gaming throughout the day and night and overlook healthy habits such as eating, sleeping and even taking a shower. When you find yourself doing this, know that sooner or later you will be getting out of shape.

2. Do physical exercise

Keeping your brain active by gaming is definitely a good idea. However, gaming for hours without a break may cause you to begin living a sedentary lifestyle. Be an active gamer by keeping yourself physically active. Take regular short breaks and have a walk or engage in several physical exercises.

3. Have priorities

When gaming starts to disrupt other areas of your life, then it has become an unhealthy practice. No matter how addicted you are to your game, remain clear about your priorities. Do not compromise your full-time job, family and friends or health so as to play a game. If that becomes the case, you would rather stop gaming as soon as possible until you realign with your priorities.

4. Avoid fast foods

Your body will be grateful for healthy eating habits. You may find yourself so wrapped up in your gameplay that you forget you need to eat. At this point, you may jump into a decision to order fast foods such as pizza or go for frozen foods which are all poor for your health. It is not bad to eat quick and fast foods once in a while but doing it on a regular basis is not advisable. To improve your eating habits, plan and shop for healthy foods before your gaming session begins.

5. Get enough sleep

You may be tempted to stay up all night so as to get to the last level that you are so close to. However, it is advisable to go to bed in time because lack of enough sleep is a reason for your body to gain weight. Therefore, when it’s your time for bed, get your bum off the seat and go to bed. Not sleeping properly may also weaken your immune system and increased stress.

6. Try games that require you to stand while playing

Most computer games are played while seated. Nevertheless, it may turn out to be fun if you engage in games that require you to stand up when you play. This in itself is an exercise as it helps you straighten you back, leg and neck muscles.

If you care about your health, then I recommend you start following the above tips and you will find yourself enjoying gaming on a regular basis.

Future of Gaming – Virtual Reality and Other Trends

Much like mobile technology, gaming tech has seen rapid developments in the past few years. The evolution of gaming industry has been so dynamic and fast that console gaming may soon be considered old-school. It’s not just graphical improvements. The way games are played have also changed significantly. We have come a long way from the simple vibration-feedback of console controllers to an immersive VR experience of Oculus Rift. Virtual reality gaming has also become much more accessible as more and more smartphones now come with VR kits. Pokemon Go and other augmented reality titles are also merging with the real world to offer a unique gaming experience. Gaming tech today is headed towards multiple exciting directions. While it’s not possible to talk about all of them, let’s take a look at one of the most promising techs that is all set to shape the future of gaming.

The head-mounted gaming unit developed by Palmer Luckey popularly known as the Oculus Rift started the revolution in VR gaming technology. Instead of looking at a flat screen, gamers could now immerse themselves in the gaming environment and become the game’s protagonist. While Oculus Rift successfully marked the beginning, VR gaming tech was just getting started. Capitalizing on Oculus Rift’s steep price tag of $799, smartphone developer soon introduced cheaper VR kits that offered great gaming performance. Once players get their very own mobile VR kit they can simply download games directly from Google Play app store and start playing. As far as price is concerned the smartphone VR kit is undoubtedly the most affordable option. Playstation was also quick to jump on this opportunity by launching its very own VR and they simply named it the Playstation VR. The VR kit sold by Sony is an add-on kit that connects to the hugely popular PS4 console. Being part of the Playstation family gamers can also rest assured that they will get a plethora of gaming titles to choose from in the years to come.

When it comes to the possibilities of VR gaming, it’s safe to say that we have just scratched the surface. While VR offers a visual experience, it can soon evolve into something where gamers would be able to touch and feel the virtual environment. In Salt Lake City, Utah a new virtual reality arena called The VOID has opened its doors to the public. This VR gaming theme park combines physical reality with virtual reality. What that means is the gaming arena has physical objects that match the virtual world of the game. Gamers can now touch the obstacles or the environment in the game to get a gaming experience that’s completely immersive.

VR gaming still has a few hurdles to cross before it can surpass the popularity of consoles and PC gaming. The first and the biggest challenge is that it lacks a popular gaming title. While fans are going crazy about the console release of The Last of Us 2, most gamers are not excited about the VR games. Big developers such as Naughty Dog, EA, Ubisoft, Activision, and other need to launch games that gamers could be excited about. However, with Playstation invested in this technology, there is a strong possibility that gamers could soon see future Call of Duty and Battlefield titles getting launched in VR.

Online Video Game Rental – The Pros and Cons

Most review websites are of the opinion that Online Video Game Rentals are anything but inadequate. Just like other systems or companies ever conceived, they have their drawbacks. Even though online rentals have already taken a huge step in the right direction for storefront rentals and video game rentals, the limitations are countable as compared to the strong points. Here is a review concerning Online Video Game Rentals:

Online Video Game Rental – The Pros and Cons


  1. Online video rentals provide a huge number of video game rentals that have the newest video game titles that are being released on rental immediately they come out. The older games can still be found as well
  2. Your mailbox always receives deliveries within 2 to 3 business days after you place your order
  3. No delivery due dates or late fees for any game that is in stock. All games are kept for the longest periods that you may wish
  4. Rental companies mostly offer games that have already been used for a few months at affordable rates. This is much cheaper as compared to the prices charged at retail store locations or storefronts
  5. The customer services offered by them are awesome; they assist in tracking, shipping and solving any game problem that may arise within the first 24 hours
  6. Memberships for Online Video Game Rentals are cheaper as compared to renting games at storefront rentals i.e. if you want to rent the games for a period between three to four times in a month
  7. Certain rental companies supply community reviews, cheats and instructions to the public online. The gamers therefore make decision on what to rent from an informed position

8. Online Video Game Rentals always provide their customers with special offers and different rebates for signing up as a member


  1. If you rent a game from time to time and do not rent such games for more than one to two times per month, you are most likely wasting your money. Ensure that you are aware on the amount of time that you have available so that you can devote your time to the games that you like most. If you’ve got very limited time, you may consider a one-game per month plan. You can even cancel such games if you aren’t playing them at all. Most rental companies offer cancellations at any given time unless you’ve been offered a contract that is for a low price plan
  2. There are some contract memberships that will charge you a fee even if you don’t rent any game during that time when you were a member. Ensure that you have made good use of your membership even if you are receiving some discounts from companies. It doesn’t save you anything for not using a membership that you have already paid for
  3. You may be the kind of guy who is always busy; that person who never gets time to play video games. Then the moment that you realize that you’ve got time, you don’t have 1-3 days to wait for the games to appear inside your mailbox. In this case, storefront rentals are perfect choices for people like you. You can always pick up the games whenever you have some free time.

Top 5 Tips on How to Buy Cheap Video Games

Regardless of the type of electronic gadget you opt to use for video gaming, one of the facts that you will discover after some time is that video games are quite expensive. Therefore, it is essential to know how you can access or acquire such games more affordably. As such, this article highlights a few ideas to help you get cheaper games. Keep reading to discover how to buy cheap video games.

1. Don’t Buy after Release

Video games are most expensive shortly after their release. As a result, you should wait for newly released games to entrench themselves in the market before buying them. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you cannot purchase a new game that you desperately want to play.

2. Don’t Buy Them New

While the difference between the price of a new and old video game can be quite big, the gaming experience remains essentially in both cases. Therefore, it is prudent to go for old video games instead of acquiring a new one from the store. Even though it may not be easy to find used games at many stores out there, it is still wise to do a bit of meticulous search so that you only buy new video games as the last resort. Also, read game reviews and comments from other platers before buying any games. I personally visit for recent games reviews and news.

3. Play on the Internet

Because purchasing video games is an expensive venture despite how savvy you are, it is advisable to play on the internet instead of buying them. For instance, some video games may be too short to be replayed. It is thus imprudent to spend your hard-earned money on such acquisitions. On some other occasions, you may want to play games that you have never tried before. Since you don’t have a guarantee that the new games are worth replaying, it is wise to sample them online first before you purchase. This ensures that you only spend money on the most interesting games that you really would want to replay multiple times in future.

4. Wait for Regular Sales

Both online and brick-and-mortar video game sellers hold regular sales from time to time. For example, many internet-related services such as video games are often sold at remarkably lower prices on special events as the Cyber Monday. However, regular sales may take a long time before they happen. Therefore, make sure that you purchase a lot of games so that you have enough gaming options to keep you active/engaged as you wait for the next regular sale.

5. Exchange Games

Finally, you can exchange video games that you have already played with new ones that you would like to try at the local stores. However, you should note that some sellers may ask you to add some little money in order to get a new game. Whether you purely exchange old games for new ones or top up some amount, this smart approach helps you save a great deal of money. All the same, be extra keen to avoid exchanging your video games with others that may be spoilt. Ask the seller to have you test the games before you do the swapping.

Video Game Streaming and the End of Consoles

Console gaming has had a hard time staying relevant with the emergence of mobile gaming. They’re still profitable because hardcore gamers stayed loyal to their consoles which are the only machines powerful enough to deliver the kind of in-depth gaming experience that they demand. But that may soon change with the latest addition to the gaming market; video game streaming.

The Next Revolution in Gaming

Console manufacturers typically give their consoles lifetimes of seven years however that is at odds with the two-year upgrade cycles of other hardware platforms. This life-cycle is such a vital part of the console business model but they may have no choice but to drop it in favor of streaming for the next generation.

With the current generation, the quickest way to play a video game on a console is to download and install it. The three major video game consoles, the Wii, the PlayStation and the Xbox, all have online stores that allow gamers to download titles directly to their consoles. The only problem is that most titles are about a dozen gigabytes so they take hours, or even days to download and they take massive amounts of space on hard drives.

Netflix, HBO Go and Hulu revolutionized the movie and television industries when they offered direct streaming options. Their services allow users to watch their favorite shows instantly without having to worry about how much memory they chew up or piling up massive stacks of DVDs. This revolution all but killed off DVD players.

And now the gaming industry is heading in the same direction. Nvidia and Sony are aiming to make the next generation of consoles tiny devices that stream gameplay to your television. The idea is that rather than having a massive console in your living room that demands to be fed discs or downloaded content, the micro-console streams games from a cloud as they are played.

How Video-Game Streaming Works

The new consoles will work in a similar fashion to Netfix. The game is actually played on a powerful server based in a warehouse somewhere far away and the video is streamed to the console. Players mash buttons on their controllers and the signal is sent back to the server where it is processed and the result is streamed back to the players’ screens.

The leading micro-console in the market is Nvidia’s gaming service called Shield. It only offers old titles at present however Sony have released their own version called PlayStation Now, retailing at $99, which also boasts a selection of last-generation titles.

The only thing keeping cloud gaming from taking over completely is lag. Nothing kills the gaming experience quite like having to wait fractions of a second longer for button inputs to respond. In some games, those fractions of a second are all that it takes to get shot in the face. The lag is brought about the added time that it takes for a command to be beamed up to the cloud, processed, then sent back down to the console. The effects of lag can be minimized with a solid internet connection. Video-game steaming providers suggest a minimum of 2Mb/s connections and 5Mb/s for HD gaming.

Hold on to Your Consoles for Now

Cloud-based gaming is an exciting concept. Gamers will love the freedom that it offers however we can expect that the traditional console producers will do their best to delay the emergence of cloud gaming for as long as they can. Their current model is simply too profitable for them to just let it go too. If you include the amount of work that has to be done on reducing the lag times and how most homes do not have the internet speeds required to play A-list titles in HD, it may be a while before video-game streaming becomes the norm.